Roman's first match in the qualifiers which was against Josh. Rome controlled the match with sucessful strikeing and ended more than half way though the first round, with a flurry of punches sending Josh down, and calling a end to the fight.

 The second match was against Chris in wich Rome seemed to be winning by preventing Chris from scoreing a takedown by side stepping and landing a few jabs. In the beginning of the second round the two fighters were on the ground reversing each other, til Rome got him in a armbar, Chris broke free quickly. In the third round Chris was unable to take Rome down and was taken down instead Rome moved to full mount and began to ground and pound ending the match in a 2-1 decision.

 The match to declare the Heavyweight champion was between Roman and Reginal. In the first round it was close with both of the fighters landing sucessful body and face punches. In the second round Reginal seemed to gain the upper hand after making Rome stumble and kept the strikes comeing, in which Rome could not handle and lost due to a TKO. Rome will get another shot at becomeing the champ next time Reginal fights.

 Rome's next fight was at NBYFC 2 in a rematch against Chris. Rome had a great plan comeing into the fight by staying far enough away preventing Chris from getting a takedown. This worked during the complete first round. Rome did the same during the second but was got with a hard right hand and Chris got a takedown and quickly moved into full mount winning by TKO via ground and pound.

 Roman's next fight will be at NBYFC 4 in another rematch this time against Heavyweight champion Reginal.

Matches Edit

Roman vs Josh/win-TKO(strikes)/3:52 in round.1/NBYFC qualifiers round.1

Roman vs Chris.C/win-decision2-1/5:00 in round.3/NBYFC qualifiers round.2

Roman vs Reginal/lose-TKO(strikes)/4:27 in round.2/NBYFC qualifiers-Heavyweight championship

Roman vs Chris.C/Lose-TKO(strikes)/2:51 in round.2/NBYFC 2