During the NBYFC qualifiers Reginal fought Ben in the first round. during the first round Reginal was careful to get close and threw alot of jabs, Ben was hit with a few but was mostly unharmed, he went for a take down and was reversed ending up with Reginal on top, who tried to move to full mount, Ben reversed it and got up. the second round began with Reginal throwing a huge right knocking Ben down, who supriseingly got right back up, Reginal stopped a takedown and hit Ben with more strikes. Third and final and third round, Reginal dominated, by putting Ben against the fence and punishing him with jabs to the chest and stomach, the bell rang, and Reginal won by a 3-0 decision.


 In the second round of the qualifiers Reginal fought Rick. In the first round Reginal put Rick on the ground twice by strikes. dominateing the first round. during the second round, Rick was hit down again, but this time Reginal followed and won by a TKO via strikes to the face.

 The match to declare the Heavyweight champion, was between Reginal and Roman. In the first round they traded punches with eachother. The first round was a close one, but during the second round, Roman was caught with a hard hit and stumbled down and Reginal came at him with strikes winning by a TKO via strikes. Reginal will fight Roman again to remain the Heavyweight champion.

The champs next fight will be a rematch with Roman, during NBYFC 4.

Matches Edit

Reginalvs Ben/win-deccision3-0/5:00 in round.3/NBYFC qualifiers round.1

Reginal vs Rick/win-TKO(strikes)/2:34 in round.2/NBYFC qualifiers round.2

Reginal vs Roman/win-TKO(strikes)/4:27 in round.2/NBYFC qualifiers-Heavyweight championship