Mike and his parents were flying back to london, 
 there private jet crashed into the jungle. leaving a 

 toddler mike the only survivor. he was found by the jungle 
 master Red. Mike and Red trained for years by giving Mike 
 rare fruits to eat, giving him the ability to jump high and 
 stretch his arms. Red trained him in martial arts that he 
 learned from a nearby tribe. When mike was a Teenager one of 
 Reds old students returned named Art. Art was mad because 
 he ran out of his special paint and Red never gave him the 
 recipe. Art attacked Mike, Mike fought back and beat him 
 up. Art then took Reds most prized fruit that erased certain 
 memorie. Art squirted this on Mike and whispered in his ear, 
 Mike passed out. When he awokhe forgot where he was and all 
 about Red and Art, but remembered his powers and of the 
 stories that Red told him. Mike went looking for a berry 
 that was said to be able to give someone control over the 
 plants. Mike now in his upper teens traveled throughout 
 russia till he found a cave high in the mountains. he 
 journeyed there ate plenty of the berrys, but there was 
 no affect. He was mad that he waisted so much time looking 
 for a worthless berry. He encountered Avalanche in the 
 mountains, they fought and avalanche broke Mikes left 
 arm and badly beatened him, all of a sudden roots from 
 beneath the thick snow came and trapped Avalanche to a 
 wall. Mike left, having no thrive to kill. Mike trained 
 with his plants more and more. Then one day he got a 
 message to participate in the underground champion 
 tournament. Mike accepted the invite so he could get 
 stronger with his new power.
Mike was quiet through out most of the tournament        
till he saw who his oppoent was, a evil demon by the        
name of Seven faced jester, Mike has never fought a        
demon and was nervous. he entered the ring first        
took a pose and then Seven faced jester jumped up        
in front of him scareing him, then the bell rings        
and 7f jester went wild jumping and beating Mike        
up, after a bad beating, Mike used vines to pierce        
and constricted his oppoent. 7f jester burned the        
 vines then shocked mike beating him.
After all the fighters ressurections they were        
all teleported to the demon world where he fought        
many demons and could control small demon plants.        
Mike, Pawn, Crow, Coal, and Rock fought the demon        
champ Chainz. Mike along with Coal lost there lives.        
Mike was killed when he got consumed by the death chains.