During the NBYFC qualifiers Chris's first opponent is Doug. Chris controlled most of the fight with effective strikeing and took Doug down twice and suceeded in mounting twice ground and pounding Doug, who managed to get out of it twice. The second round Doug was more offensive, which Chris used to his advantage and hit Doug with a right haymaker causing Doug to fall into the cage, Chris jumped at him connecting with a few more strikes.

 The second round was against Roman. during the fight Chris took Rome down quick in the first round but was unable to hold him there, Chris spent most of the round trying to take him down. The second round began with Chris takeing him down again, Rome reversed it, then Chris reversed it, Rome got Chris into a armbar, Chris got out and landed a few strikes before the bell rang. In the third round Chris was unable to take Rome down, but instead was taken down, Rome got full mount and started to ground and pound when the bell rang ending the match. Roman won by split decision 2-1.

 The next time Chris would fight would be at NBYFC 2 against Rick then the runner up and a rematch against Roman. Against Rick, Chris used his trademark takedown, in which he quickly hops up the opponent getting into full mount and finishing with ground and pound.

 Chris fought Rome because it was a challenger fight, so Chris decided to fight again to get more wins on his record after his first loss against Rome. Rome controlled the first round by not letting Chris get close enough for a takedown. In the second round Rome tried to do the same thing, but Chris moved in with a strong right hand, moved into a takedown and used his trademark, moveing into full mount and beating Rome by TKO. He beat his two opponents of the night with the same technique.

 His next fight will be at NBYFC 4 where he will have a rematch with Rick.

Matches Edit

Chris.C vs Doug/win-TKO(strikes)/1:42 in round.2/NBYFC qualifiers round.1

Chris.C vs Roman/lose-decision2-1/5:00 in round.3/NBYFC qualifiers round.2

Chris.C vs Rick/win-TKO(strikes)/2:34 in round.1/NBYFC 2

Chris.C vs Roman/win-TKO(strikes)/2:51 in round.2/NBYFC 2

Chris.C vs Rick/